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"I had to quit my lucrative job due to debilitating fatigue, gut issues, and severe depression. I was grayish, emaciated, and my friends believed I wouldn't survive the year. Despite trying everything I could find that offered hope—both medical and naturopathic—nothing worked. Desperate for a solution, I met Dr. Janine at a Chicago health event. Under her guidance, I miraculously recovered within a few months. My depression lifted, my gut healed, and I regained my life. My friends were astonished—not only was I alive, but I looked great. Many of them also started working with Dr. Janine and recovered from chronic illnesses. Now, 14 years later, at age 76, I remain in great health and am forever grateful for the transformation and the knowledge of how to nurture strong, healthy cells for life "

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- Laura

“For 13 years I had been under the care of an immunologist... I was told I would not live without them and that my body would never be capable of making my own. I had a 45-55g of immunoglobulin infusion every 3 weeks When Janine Kennedy came to me and said she could help heal my immune system and get me off of my infusions, I wasn’t skeptical- I laughed at her. I have long felt most anything not regulated is either not very good or run by a charlatan. So, I ignored her for a year. Or longer.

Finally, after getting sick for the 3rd time in 3 months, my boss- who is a long-time client of Dr. Janine- said he would pay for my initial consultations & supplements if I would take them. I agreed. I went in and consulted with my immunologist, and he agreed to monitor bloodwork while we tried this. 5 months later, I went off of my infusions. I tested 30 days later, and my IGG levels were still in the range they would be in after an infusion. I was at this point interested. I kept going with the lifestyle changes & supplements. 2 years later my IGG levels are still within the normal range. My immunologist says keep doing what I am doing. My health and my life have been restored.

I happily pay for my own care now & its still way less than cost of infusions.”

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- James

“When I first met Dr. Janine, Lyme disease was affecting most of my body and I needed to use a wheelchair. I was too weak to walk and no one was able to help me. Since the introduction to Dr. Janine, and Welltrients, I have made huge strides, live an active lifestyle, work full-time and jog regularly. Gone are my wheelchair days.”

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- Erin

"As an ICU nurse facing a stage 4 diagnosis that began in my digestive system, Dr. Janine was my lifeline. She taught me the art of regenerating a healthy body. Now, over a decade later, I continue to live a healthy and active life."

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- Karen

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